The Food That’s Bad for Your Bones-and Your Beauty

An excess of sodium can decrease calcium levels in your body, which weakens your bones. This is particularly important for women to realize, since we are most prone to osteopenia and osteoporosis—and because ODing on salt is also a beauty-buster. Indulging in high sodium food makes your face puffy, gives you bags under your eyes and can increase wrinkles.

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  • cal3301

    THIS IS STUPID. ANYTHING IN EXCESS IS BAD FOR YOU. The one thing you should never do is to completely eliminate any one item from your diet. Sodium chloride, is necessary for proper electrolyte functions in the human body. Without it, you become dehydrated.

  • Florence Beal

    Thank you for advising me on how important it is to watch my sodium intake. I try to eat healthy, but i love to indulge whenever there is good food around. But because i suffer with hypertension I try not to use table salt.