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Date Online for Marital Bliss

A new study shows that couples who meet online are more likely to be happily married (and less likely to break up) than those who met other ways.

How to Do the Perfect Pull-Up

Doubting your ability to master this basic arm-toning move? It's easier than it looks, once you know how to do it right.

In Honor of March Madness: A WNBA-Inspired Quad Workout

With college basketball in full force right now, why not take a page out of a professional hoops player's book? Here's your guide to killer quads.

Will a Visit to an Oxygen Bar Cure Your Hangover?

These trendy kiosks promise to get you energized, relaxed and hangover-free. But do they work?

How to Prevent a Breakup

Watch out for these relationships blunders that could cause your honey to decide they want out.

20 Winter Skin Essentials Under $20

It's the BalmTalk about a multitasker: This little guy is just as good at taming flyaways as it as for rubbing on super-dry patches...

Find Your Magic Sex Number

Having sex is good for you. No shocker. But the benefits depend on how often you do it. See what you score each time you score.

Six Moves to Sculpt Your Body

John Mayer was right about one thing: Your body is a wonderland... and you're about to look wonderful. Elite trainers gave us a cool...

The Hottest Hue for Your Eye Color This Fall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what eye makeup is hot this fall? Choosing the “it” color depends on your eyes. Find which brown hue...

Eight Ways to Sleep Well

Walking zombie? We're here to rescue you from tossing-and-turning hell.