Doing your nails can be extremely calming and is a great way to boost your confidence, even though nail art can seem challenging. Some DIYs look great even when done at home.

Use Bobby Pin for Dots

Polka dots have been in a trend for nail art for many years. However, doing a clean dotted look on nails can seem impossible with bulky nail polish brushes. You can achieve small and clean dots that look like they were done at a salon with a bobby pin. Bobby pins have rounded ends, which are great for painting on dots.

Pour some polish of choice on a glass container and pick it up with the end of a bobby pin. Depending on how much nail polish you use, the dots will be bigger or smaller.

Use Tape to Create a Geometric Look

Tape is your best friend for creating graphic shapes on your nails. Start by applying base color to your nails. Make sure you give it enough time to dry completely before applying the tape. Dull the adhesive of the tape before applying it to the nail.

There are many looks you can create with tape, depending on how you place it. After you’ve placed the tape, use it as a stencil and apply another nail polish on top. Wait for it to dry, remove the tape, and you’ve got fabulous nails.

Gradient Nails with A Beauty Sponge

Gradient nails will be trendy this summer and can be easily done at home. To create this look, start by picking two nail polishes of similar colors. Then, apply a thin coat of lighter nail polish on all of your nails.

Apply thin lines of nail polishes on to the beauty sponge and use it to blend the colors on your nails. Top it off with a topcoat, and you are ready to go.

Colorful French Manicure

This one is straightforward to do, yet looks very chic and fashionable. Instead of applying a white tip, do a fun color. This colorful French manicure is perfect for the spring and summer and will add some color to your life.

Splatter Polish 

Create the effect of paint splattered on a white wall with your nail polishes. First, paint your nails white. Make sure you paint two coats to give your nails an opaque white look. Then dip the end of a straw into a nail polish of your choosing and blow it over your nails. This will create a splattered effect. After the nail polish dries, apply a top coat and clean up your nails with a cotton swab and nail polish remover.