It’s a given that most of the resolutions people make, they hardly ever keep. But while everyone else is setting lofty goals that are hard to achieve, now’s the time to make some promises to yourself that you’ve been meaning to make anyway. Taking good care of your skin should always be a priority. Alas, it’s way too easy to ignore the important habits that can make or break your complexion.As a reminder, here are five (easy!) skin resolutions you should be making right now and turning into lifetime habits if you want great skin.1. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, SunscreenSunscreen is the best anti-aging product out there, but only if you wear it every single day. If you want to look young longer, get into the habit of slathering SPF on your face (and neck) every day before you leave the house. No exceptions. Even if it’s snowing or sleeting and you can’t see the sun in the sky, UV rays are still getting through. Use a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher, and if you’re out in the sun more than just during your commute, reapply. Makeup with SPF is a good bonus, but won’t give you the complete coverage you need to prevent skin damage like wrinkles, sun spots and skin cancer.2. Wash Your Face (Yes, Every Night)We know, we know, after a late night out, it’s so tempting to just crawl into bed without washing your face. But hitting the hay without cleaning the day off first screws up your skin more than you think. “During the day, your face builds up a layer of oil, dead skin cells, bacteria and sweat. When makeup is added, this creates a situation that can lead to clogged, dilated pores, breakouts and dull skin,” explained NYC-based dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D. Simply washing your face each night is the easiest way to keep skin clear and bright. You don’t have to partake in a long nighttime routine—just buy a good cleanser (we love a good cleansing oil), and do a quick wash. If you’re really not going to take the time, consider keeping a cleansing water on your nightstand, which is super-effective at removing dirt and oil, and doesn’t require any water.3. Exfoliate RegularlyExfoliating isn’t something you should do every day, like washing and wearing SPF, but doing it a few times a week will really transform your skin. If yours is looking a little lackluster, or feels dry and flaky, regularly exfoliating is the best way to remove dead skin cells, smooth skin and reveal healthy, brighter skin underneath. It can also help even out skintone, reduce fine lines, and prevent breakouts. For a full explanation of the different types of exfoliating ingredients, check out this article from cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson.4. Moisturize After the ShowerIt’s easy to forget about your body skin … until one day your arm brushes your leg and wonder when you started to develop scales. But just like the skin on your face, your body skin will start to get drier and wrinkle with age. And no one wants old body/young face, right? Lotions and body oils are most effective and can penetrate better when used on clean, slightly damp skin. Plus you’re naked already anyway! Keep one on your bathroom sink, so you remember to moisturize right after you towel off. Maybe you could recruit your partner for some sensual post-shower help?5. Book a Mole CheckNo, it’s not super-sexy but you need to get a yearly mole check. End of story. You should monitor your moles so you can tell if there are any changes happening, but visiting your dermatologist for a thorough scan is the best way to make sure you’re skin cancer free. It takes 10 minutes, and can save your life.Related Articles:This Woman Has Had Skin Cancer 77 TimesHow to Prevent Moles