I love to give pedicures, especially to my mom who works super hard. Her feet don’t always look so hot by the time I am able to get my hands on them. They are usually pretty dehyradated (the winter makes it even worse) and in desperate need of a little TLC.I can put my mother’s business out there like this because sadly, it seems that I have received this genetic curse from her. Dry feet run in the family and I’m not afraid to admit it. What that means, though, is whenever I see a product that claims to nourish and hydrate feet, I’m always ready to give it a try. Essie Spa Pedicure Feet in The Clouds has a three-part system that exfoliates, nourishes and moisturizes. And if it works on my mother’s feet and mine, the line is certainly a keeper.

Product: Essie Spa Pedicure Feet in the Clouds Leg & Foot Creme

Price: $10.99

We Think:


How It Looks, How It Feels: The lotion, which contains royal jelly extract and shea butter, literally melts into skin. The smell reminds me of other products that contain ingredients to get rid of callouses and dry patches — a wee bit strong — but still very refreshing.

How To Use It: I usually soak feet in warm water for a few minutes before even attempting a pedicure. First I used an exfoliating foot scrub in the bath (there’s one from Essie Spa called So Sole Good), followed by the Feet in the Clouds cream on my legs and feet.

Results: I used the Essie Spa prodcuts for two weeks in a row while giving my mom pedicures and her feet were noticeably softer by week two: There can be miracles! I look forward to purchasing Essie Spa’s Swet Off My Feet nourishing oil to add even more much-needed hydration to our weekly pedicure routine. The prices — a little over $10 each — are totally in my range.Disclaimer: I received Essie Spa Pedicure Feet in the Clouds Leg & Feet creme as a sample.