We all love the idea of putting on makeup to get all dressed up and look our best, no matter how appealing natural beauty is at times. The only problem is how? Yes, there are guys and girls out there who are experts at this type of thing, but some of us are a little clueless when it comes to makeup. Or at least, eye makeup.

Blending your makeup to look professionally done isn’t an easy job, which is why we tried out the best methods and came up with a few ultra-easy techniques for you. Read on to find five easy tips and tricks to keep in mind while blending your eye makeup.

#1 Never Forget Primer:

Contrary to popular belief, eye primer is one of the essential steps of eye makeup. Not only does it soften your eyelid skin to give the eyeshadow something to have a more comfortable grip on, but eye primer also keeps your eyeshadow in place. After spending so much time on the application, you need to ensure it doesn’t mess up throughout the day!

#2 Use The Right Brushes:

The quality of your eyeshadow won’t matter if you’re not using the right brushes for certain steps. It’s best to use an angled brush for your crease and a denser brush to apply the main shade on your lids. Always keep two clean blending brushes with you to use separately after you’ve laid down the pigments with your dense brush.

#3 Start With The Lightest Shade:

Whatever color scheme you’re going for, it’s best to use the lightest shade as your choice first. Use it as a base as it’ll help the other colors show up better. Once you’ve applied it on the inner half of your lids densely, you can then move forward towards the darker or brighter shades. This gives you a base to blend your other colors into and add any texture you please.

#4 Follow A V-Shape:

Place the darker shades on the outer corner of eyelids. Use one of your clean blending brushes to blend out the darkest color of your palette. Follow a V shape until the color is expertly blended into the other, lighter shades the way you want it.

#5 Fix Your Mistakes:

It’s easy to get off track and push your eye makeup too far towards your temples. Professionals recommend using a beauty blender dipped in powder to buff away these mistakes. A clean fluffy brush dipped in translucent powder also works wonder for when you want to undo the top part of eyeshadow.

Keep these tips and tricks in mind so you can easily blend your eyeshadow to perfection and always look your best when you go anywhere!