Working out in the morning is the best form of coffee. It gives you energy bright and early, starts your day out on the right foot, and leads you to a more productive day. What time you workout is personal preference, but many people find that early morning workouts are the most effective. But, is there a certain amount of time that you should wait after waking up before hitting the gym?

For me, the hardest part of working out in the morning is getting out of bed. I don’t know about you, but when I roll out of bed after a long night’s rest, I feel like I got hit by a ton of bricks- my hair is a mess, my mind is foggy, and all I want to do is crawl back into bed. The last thing on my mind is going to the gym and smashing out a workout. And those people who can get straight out of bed and into their gym clothes genuinely blow my mind.

But regardless of how you are when you wake up, it’s essential to give your body the time to warm up after waking up instead of immediately going to the gym. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to an intense HIIT class or just doing some light yoga- your body needs the time to wake up. Give yourself at least 20 minutes to wake up, have a glass of water, sit in bed, or do some stretching- whatever it is you need to do to wakeup. So, although that might mean you have to set your alarm a little bit earlier than you would like, you’ll be thankful in the long run.

Different workouts require different energy. You might need more time to prepare after waking up for a HIIT class than you do if you’re going on a run, but regardless your body and mind still needs that time to wakeup. It’s also important to pay attention to what you eat before working out. Some people prefer to work out on an empty stomach, while others prefer to have their full breakfast before breaking a sweat. It’s essential to listen to your body because everyone is different. If you’re unsure what you should eat before working out, it’s safe to choose a light breakfast, so you don’t run the risk of passing out or throwing up.

Working out is different for every person. Some people jump right up out of bed, energized and ready to take on their workout. Other people need a little push before they’re prepared for the day. Regardless of the type of person you are, it’s essential to take some time before working out to get both your mind and body prepared.