Today we discovered that rainbow “unicorn beards” are the new, hot trend in male facial color — which means that this weekend there will be one sitting next to you at brunch.

We learned from Pamela Gonzalez at Cutler that the “avant-garde” beard color requires literal tough skin to handle bleach plus hair dye. For more tips, we went to the source: 24-year-old Brooklynite Tyler Dean King, the photographer and beard behind the royal blue full head ombre. Here’s what King advises on how to do your own “unicorn beard” (or that of your boyfriend while he is sleeping):

Step 1: Choose your products wisely. “My inspiration for the look was actually the product that I was using, Bumble and bumble had just come out with spray hair chalk so I got some colors after I saw Nylon magazine do a feature online about it and I wanted to know if it would actually work on me and my beard.”

Step 2: Bite the bullet: Beard, then hair.“With the spray hair chalk you basically shake, point, and spray. I had to clean up the little spills onto my face with a wet paper towel but it was super easy. I just did the light color in my beard then up the sides first then added in the dark top.”

Step 3: Wait for the reactions to pour in.

Tyler Dean King

Step 4: Next viral look.
“I’m currently toying with the idea of going grey. I’m going to Kansas City in May and Meredith and I are putting our heads together to figure out what I want to do. I was bleach blonde for a year, and have had natural dirty blonde hair color for two years now so I have the itch to get my hair colored again.”I don’t know, we’re kinda digging the unicorn look, Tyler. You know how to work it.“The look actually never left the studio. I did it, took photos, and washed it out. I was probably done in two hours. I put the photo on Facebook and got lots of comments. Everyone loved it. My boyfriend also wanted to get in on the spray chalk fun so I did his hair and took photos of him; he was inspired by the spray chalk and ended up getting his hair bleached and dyed blue by [my hairstylist] Meredith last May while we were in Kansas City.”

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