When Atlanta-based dads Kordale and Kaleb Lewis snapped a photo of themselves doing their daughters’ hair in the early morning hours before school almost a year ago, they never expected the image to go viral and become an Instagram sensation. But that’s exactly what happened.For these two dads, the photo, which received more than 40,000 “likes,” simply showed their usual morning routine, with a caption that stated: “This is a typical day in our household. It’s not easy but we enjoy every moment and every minute of fatherhood.”But for the viewers, the image was much more than that. Aside from some ignorant and homophobic reactions, the photo struck a cord with thousands of people touched by this warm family moment: Two black men, who happen to be gay, styling the hair of their two little girls.Now the photogenic family — Kordale, Kaleb, their three children and even their dog — are part of Nikon’s new “I Am Generation Image” campaign, which includes a personal video and photo gallery. In the heartwarming video, Kordale and Kaleb lead viewers through their typical morning routine, waking up at 5:30a.m. and getting their daughters and son ready for school. As they said in the video, “We just want people to know that hey, we’re normal. And you can’t judge people on their normal.”  Like any parent, Kordale and Kaleb want the best for their kids. “We have to guide them to be better people than we are, and we want them to be better people than we are,” they explained in the video. “We want them to succeed and do things that we weren’t able to do. And those kids have our heart.”In a sense, it’s a shame that this is even news. I brush and style my twin daughters’ hair every morning, and if I were to post a photo of that on Instagram it would be considered just a normal day— not a viral moment, since I’m a straight, married mom. It shouldn’t matter that Kordale and Kaleb are gay or that it’s the fathers fixing their daughters’ hair. But if sharing their story and images helps people see that families with two dads (or two moms) are no different than other families, then that’s a good thing.We don’t know about you, but all we see here is a beautiful, loving family.Related Articles:EMTs Could Refuse to Help Gay People Under Bill in Michigan