Are your towels covered in Rorschach-like blotches too embarrassing to leave them out for all to see? Before you hightail it to the nearest Target for new ones, you may want to scour the medicine cabinet first. That’s because many everyday beauty products contain chemical compounds that can discolor fabrics. Check the ingredient lists for the following culprits:Benzoyl PeroxideA common ingredient in acne products and hair dye, this organic compound is a household cure-all. Benzoyl peroxide breaks down into benzoic acid and oxygen, which kills pore-clogging bacteria. “It’s also a brightening agent so it oxidizes the pigments [in your towels], causing those pigments to break down,” explains YouBeauty Cosmetic Chemistry expert, Ni’Kita Wilson.MORE: Natural Acne SolutionsAcetoneOften found in nail polish remover (and paint thinner), acetone is a solvent that not only breaks down lacquer, “it breaks down [terrycloth] fibers, causing the colors to shift,” says Wilson.  So the next time you decide to remove that polish on your own, reach for the white towels or do it over a tissue.Hydrogen PeroxideNot only is this chemical compound a reliable shortcut to blonde hair, it can also be found in first aid products and toothpaste. This oxidizing agent strips color from much of what it comes in contact with—teeth, hair or your good linens.MORE: See Why Permanent Dye Trumps BleachHydroquinoneA popular ingredient in brightening creams, hydroquinone helps lighten age spots and freckles, so it’s not surprising it can have a similar effect on fabrics. To spare your towels, look for formulas that contain other, less aggressive whiteners such as licorice, arbutin, azelaic- and kojic acids.