Nothing says “winter is here” like dull, dreary, washed-out skin. Whether from stress, freezing temps, or lack of sleep, your skin is taking a beating.Your body’s largest organ is your skin and it reflects your well-being to the world. These tips, both natural and cosmetic, will revive tired skin and put your best face forward.

1. Get enough sleep:The first step in combatting tired skin is to simply not be tired. Doctors recommend 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night for the body completely repair itself, and if you don’t give yourself enough zzz’s, you deny your body the ability to restore skin cells. This allows fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles to form much more noticeably.

2. Get moving. For a natural, all over beauty benefit, exercise regularly.Exercise boosts circulation within the body, which in turn allows for oxygen and other vital nutrients access to your skin while also flushing out toxins.

3. Eat pretty.The saying “you are what you eat” isn’t so far off when it comes to skincare. The foods we consume are essential for bringing fundamental nutrients to our skin. Eating a clean diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats will not only impact our overall health, but also our skin’s appearance as well. Additionally, hydration is key for anti-aging purposes since parched skin is much more susceptible to fine lines.

4. Use a brightening mask.There are plenty of skincare products that target dull skin. Try smoothing on a luxurious brightening mask like Shiseido White Lucent Power Brightening Mask twice a week. Then, generously apply an illuminating serum like the Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster in the morning and night. This serum can work solo, or in accordance with your regular moisturizer to visibly enhance the skin’s surface.

5. Apply a self-tanner.A faux glow can immensely liven up your face, making you look more healthy and energized. Try swiping on a face self tanner like Tarte Brazillance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self Tanning Face Towelettes after exfoliating for a truly natural looking color. At the very least, you’ll look like you just got back from an island vacay (and haven’t actually spent the past few weeks shivering under a blanket watching Hulu).

6. Address those dark circles.  Dark circles under the eyes just scream I’m exhausted.  To get rid of bulky undereye bags, treat yourself to a quick eye treatment. Place Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Instant Eye Lift patches under each eye for 10 minutes. Using organic cucumber, white tea, arnica, and Vitamin C, eye puffiness is significantly reduced with these phenomenal pads.  Once the patches have been removed, dab on an enriching eye cream like Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream to brighten and depuff.  This will lift and refresh tired eyes for a more rested, even-toned look.

7. Wear an illuminating concealer … If those pesky shadows simply won’t budge, pat on a concealer to hide particularly dark circles. StriVectin Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging Eye Illuminator should do the trick by hiding any imperfections and lightening the under-eye area. A more budget-friendly option can be found in Almay’s Wake-Up Undereye Concealer.

8. … and a highlighter.Highlighting is primarily used to contour, but they are a great way to get some lightness on your face. Put on a BB cream in order to moisturize while also smoothing out lines and blemishes. Then brush on a light blush and follow up with an iridescent highlighter on your cheekbones for a pretty shimmering effect. To ensure the highlighter looks natural, apply small bits at a time, building on product until you reach your desired look. NARS Highlighting Blush in Albatross is a good option for those of us worried about over applying, since it’s a powder instead of a liquid and can be lightly brushed on.Related Articles: Leafy Greens for Lovely SkinWhy It Always Comes Down to FoodTop Nutritionists Spill Their Beauty Food Secrets