Faking Perfect Skin with Makeup

When you think of perfect skin, several attributes come to mind: a clear, unlined, taut, toned complexion that radiates health and vitality. Not coincidently these are the same qualities we associate with youth. Now consider those things that weren’t mentioned like freckling, sagging, fine lines, acne, dullness and roughness—all signs of skin damage and all conditions that develop with age.

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You can transform your skin, but it’ll take some tough love (stay out of the sun!) and a little makeup magic.  With the right techniques and this season’s fresh pink, bronze and nude tones, a David Copperfield-worthy optical illusion is well within your reach.


“Exfoliate away dull, dry patches away with a DIY paste of white sugar and water and rub in a circular motion on the face,” says celebrity makeup artist Carmindy. Follow with a moisturizer.


The key to ageless skin is an even complexion. That doesn’t mean loading up on foundation, but rather using the right products and placing them in the right areas. Start with a luminizing primer all over to neutralize oily areas and add radiance. Next up: a liquid or airbrush foundation where necessary (think red patches, acne, discoloration). “Powder and cream formulations can make skin look dull and settle into fine lines making you look older,” explains Carmindy.”

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Capture light with a cream or powder highlighter dabbed high on the cheekbones, along the brow bone, and on the inner corners of the eyes. Then swirl a pink or peach blush over the apples of the cheeks. “These tones mimic a youthful radiance. Avoid plum tones which do nothing for the skin,” says Carmindy.” Finish off with a matte bronzer swept in a C from forehead to just under the cheekbone to simulate that sun-kissed look—minus the UV.


Pull it all together with an application of translucent powder, a coat of black mascara, liner, and a neutral eye shadow with a pearlescent finish.