The Internet is great for learning new tricks like if Amazon really delivers in two days and how long it takes to stream all of “Gilmore Girls.” It is also where we turn to learn “How to” — and in 2014, it seems like we all wanted to learn how to do our makeup like the Kardashian Klan. That is to say, we wanted to learn all about contouring:In this terrifying order, I present to you the top 10 “How to” searches of 2014, according to Google:1. How to Airdrop2. How to Contour3. How to Vote4. How to Kiss5. How to Craft6. How to Colorblock7. How to Wakeboard8. How to Refurbish9. How to Delegate10. How to DIYGood to know that sculpting your cheekbones is slightly more complicated than voting. (Also, here’s YouBeauty’s tips on how to highlight and contour — no Google search needed.)