The French love vaping, says the UK’s Guardian, or they did until today – when a new e-cigarette product called KanaVape (“le hemp vaporizer”) launched to provide a “legal and flavorful way” to consume marijuana. But French health minister Marisol Touraine is standing against the commercialization of “e-joints,” which already exist in France and elsewhere. (Apparently it’s quite easy to doctor e-cigarettes for marijuana.) She has vowed to ban e-joints, as they would “incite the consumption of cannabis,” according to The Local.KanaVape claims its product is hemp-based and completely legal. The three French men who created it removed the compound Cannabidiol, saying e-joints provides relaxation and pain relief, but don’t contain THC and therefore do not make the user “high.” Recreational marijuana use is illegal in France; however, marijuana-based breath sprays became legal only this year.Meanwhile on the other side of the pond: The National Institute on Drug Abuse found that American teens are using e-cigs more than traditional cigarettes and we seem to have embraced vaping for the holiday season.Related Articles: How to Quite Smoking Are E-Cigarettes Safe?Even This Cigarette Company Banned Smoking