The joint elevation of fan culture and nail art has left us with something magical: Drake nail decals. It doesn’t stop there – you can now wear your favorite ’90s TV characters and even movie quotes on your nails with pride. Although its a personal style game changer, it all costs less than $10.Here are our top five picks and recommendations of totally appropriate places to wear them. But remember the Internet is a wonderland, so don’t stop until you find your own favorite pop culture moment:

Jane’s Tiny Things/Forever 21
Saved by the Bell

For your high school reunion… Saved by the Bell” nail decals at Forever 21, $9Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski and the gang reunite right here on your hands. The decals are printed in color and black and white, but if you’re a “Saved by the Bell” fan, you’re obviously choosing the neon.

Harry Potter Nail Decals

 For a movie marathon…Harry Potter” decals by fingerprintsdecals on Etsy, $5.50Remember when Emma Watson wasn’t an international feminist and was instead a small wizard? The Etsy shop fingerprints has zapped her and her fellow Gryffindors until they’re small enough to fit on a pinky.

Mean Girls quotes

For that one friend…Mean Girls” quotes by PaipurNails at Etsy, $4Don’t we all know one person who has memorized every line from “Mean Girls”? For Etsy seller PaipurNails, she is that one person, and she has found her calling with decals that say “Burn Book” and “She doesn’t even go here.”

Godfather Nail Decals

For a date…The Godfather” by NailSpin at Etsy, $5What better way to show how cultured you are than adding Vito Corleone to your beauty routine? Your high school friends probably had a “Godfather” poster in their dorm rooms – one up them by putting him on your nails.

Drake Nail Decal

For the afterparty…Drake by NailSpin at Etsy, $6You can stick a Post-It to your desk that says “‘Live In the Moment” or you can wear YOLO nail decals. We all sometimes need a little daily inspiration – personally, I’d love to get it from Drake’s face on my ring finger.Related Articles:Flower Nail Art That Works for Every Season3 Nail Art Designs That Last a Whole Month