For those who are dismayed at the staying power of the crop top for spring, trainer Katia Pryce is both answer and inspiration. Her addictive method, KP DanceBody, in New York City encourages attendees to let their hair down while dancing their way to a leaner, trimmer physique. You can sweat alongside devoted fashion types, arty freelancers and toned Tribeca moms at her pop-up dance parties each week. Katia is the rare breed of trainer that really makes the time fly by as you plank your way to flatter abs while Beyoncé and Solange sing along. She also provides motivation by sheer example—her enviable abs are the stuff usually produced only via Photoshop.

Possibly even more impressive, somehow she manages to always look hot sweating. In addition to her popular classes, she trains private clients all across the city and so is no stranger to having to look great on the go post-workout. We pressed the in-demand fitness guru to spill on her hair must-haves and strategies. Read on for her favorite products and techniques—many are refreshing classics you can pick up at your local drugstore! 

Since you work up a sweat every day you must frequently wash your hair. Do you have any “holy grail” products to keep it from drying out?

I love Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner. It moisturizes and detangles my hair in seconds. My hair gets so tangly after class and this conditioner doesn’t mess around and isn’t overly expensive!

Take us through the rest of your hair care routine. 

After I get out of the shower I use the conditioning oil Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Oil on damp hair. It imparts some control but is very light. When I start sweating it actually creates a really pretty wave. My ends can get dry and frizzy because I have to shower so frequently, so to smooth it down and keep it under control I use Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist. It’s like an instant keratin treatment!

Hair can get completely frizzy after and in between workouts—I love pulling it into a slicked-back bun (always looks chic!) and use John Frieda’s Secret Weapon to smooth down flyaways. I’ve used it for years and it doesn’t weigh your hair down at all. I also love to use Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo if I don’t sweat too much and want to save my hairstyle to go out.

I love your high energy method but it definitely involves a lot of movement which could lead to ponytail dishevelment. I know sometimes you just go with it and let the hair fly but for those who need to have their hair off their faces, are there any particular elastic brands that you feel are the most secure when dancing around? 

In terms of hair during class, it’s really hard to keep it controlled, and I’ve used everything! Which is way sometimes it’s easier to just leave it down and get wild!The hairbands with the rubber intertwined are not great for your hair because they can potentially rip it out. I use the old school Goody classic black hair ties and double up with two when I pony it back.

Sweaty Betty makes this super unique hair band that looks like telephone cording. It looks like it would hurt your hair but actually slides out easily since there are no edges. It has a pretty good grip too—def worth checking out since they make a sweet bracelet in the interim.

Any style tips for not looking like a slob from workout to going out?

I’ve had to do this for pretty much every dinner I’ve ever gone to! If you don’t have time or forgot a change of clothes, wear Michi leggings. These leggings have all different styles with sexy sheet paneling that looks like they are meant to be worn out. Pair it with a cute set of heels and you’re set. I would suggest changing your top however.

For skin, get rid of the shine! Obvi you should wash your face, but if you don’t have time, Clean and Clear sells fantastic oil blotting sheets that take the shine right away. I adore L’Oreal’s Double Extend Mascara in waterproof — it makes beautifully long lashes and doesn’t sweat off. One less thing to have to touch up. I also love Kai deodorant — Kai has a delicately light scent that’s a bit more special than your average deodorant, and it’s great if you forget to pack a perfume in your gym bag.

I know you follow the Paleo diet—tell me why. It’s a high protein diet, so have you noticed a change in your hair since you’ve adhered to its principles?

I love the Paleo style of eating because I never ever feel deprived and I always feel light and lean. It erases all possible bloating from the picture. I have definitely noticed a change in my hair, skin and nails by eating the Paleo way.

My hair is shinier and grows faster. My nails also grow faster and are stronger. My skin is much clearer without dairy and grains! Acne has always been a huge issue for me with the amount I work out, now it is much less of an issue. Especially cystic acne, it literally disappeared after I started on my 80/20 Paleo style of eating (80 percent Paleo, 20 percent cheats… ’cause you can’t live without ’em).