Are you a sunscreen-aholic? You know, the friend that everyone gets a little annoyed with at the pool because you lecture them about the importance of sun safety while they’re haphazardly slapping on, like, a drop of SPF 15 and then baking themselves in the sun.(Even though they too watch “Dance Moms” and “Real Housewives” and have nightmares about spotted, crepe-y chests that require you to fade your foundation down your neck so there’s not an obvious line.)Do you just not understand why everyone around you is whatevs about sunscreen when the facts are so clear about it causing mega skin aging and deadly cancer?We feel you.A July 2014 study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine finds that scaring them straight might be the way to go.We know you’re smart, but, according to the study, rattling off dry stats like over two million people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year probably won’t get you anything more than eye rolls, but being dramatic just might. Increasing degrees of worry were associated with increased sunscreen use.”This study is important because most of what we do in public health communications focuses on spreading knowledge and information. By not addressing emotions, we’re potentially missing a rich influence on behavior when interventions don’t address feelings,” says Marc Kiviniemi, lead researcher and assistant professor of community health and health behavior at the University of Buffalo.What do you think? Check out the image above—which statement do you think will light a sunscreen fire under your friends’ butts?