Kate Middleton’s 8 Most Beautiful Hair Looks

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Whether it’s pretty princess curls or a glamorous updo, we just can’t seem to get enough of the Kate Middleton’s hair. Here, we roundup the duchess’ most gorgeous tresses, all of which are most definitely fit for a queen.

1Voluminous Pony

Image courtesy of Splash News.

Kate amped up her ponytail by teasing the hair at the crown of her head for maximum volume.  The elegant, lady-like ‘do was perfect for a quick, no-fuss look.

2Braided Updo

Image courtesy of Splash News.

Rarely rockin’ an updo, the princess chose to free her face by putting hair up with a twisted braid leading to a low bun. Her side bangs were swept back and tucked into the updo, showing off her delicate features.

3Hair Accessories

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Kate complemented her jaunty hat with loose, shoulder length-waves.

4Sleek Waves

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It’s not uncommon to find Kate Middleton sporting her classic, sleek blow out that famously makes us all green with envy. She kept her look simple, blinding us with her glossy strands yet again.

5Barrel Curls

Image courtesy of Splash News.

The Duchess of Cambridge kept her long hair big and bouncy for an event in London. It was a nice change for her traditionally straight hair that she’s been typically seen wearing.


Image courtesy of Splash News.

Half-up, half-down, and swept back, Kate’s hair was kept low-key on a trip to New Zealand in 2014.

7Side Bangs

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Adding dimension to her layered locks, Kate experimented with side bangs, reaching right below her cheekbones. Her newly added bangs weren’t choppy against her hair and beautifully blended into face-framing angles.

8Low, Curled Updo

Image courtesy of Splash News.

Opting for a curled bun set low against the nape of her neck, Kate’s brunette locks were sleek and sophisticated at the Royal Variety Performance in London.


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