Have you ever felt like the bread you eat is not fit for both you and your boyfriend? Like you have entirely separate whole grain needs as a woman? Well, never fear: A Canadian bakery is trying to make gender-based bread happen.

Toronto-based Stonemill Bakehouse has created two different loaves of bread specifically for women and men — Women’s Wellbeing and Men’s Wellbeing, The Toronto Star reported.

The women’s blend, in a pink-accented bag is “specifically formulated with 12 essential nutrients to support women’s health and wellbeing,” while the men’s blend in its green-accented bag is formulated with 10 important for men. Comparing the two ingredient lists, they’re not that different. The women’s is fortified with more calcium, and while the men’s bread calls out “high protein + fiber,” the women’s blend actually has 1 gram more of fiber, and only 1 gram less of protein.The Star notes the breads are being advertised as “milder,” and “light-textured,” (for women, naturally), and “hearty” (for the dude bread), which does wonders for breaing stereotypes for each gender.

Sure, men and women have different dietary needs. But the small differences, like the extra calcium boost in the women’s version, could have just gone into any other loaf — it’s not like it’s going to hurt a male consumer if he eats it.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen gendered products, targeted specifically to some completely made up, gendered “need.” Remember the Bic for Her pens? That fit better in women’s dainty hands than normal pens? Or what about the Nestle Yorkie Bar, which makes it very clear on the packaging that it’s only for men?

We could do without this alarming trend at the grocery store. We’re all about products created specifically to meet women’s unique nutritional needs, like multivitamins, but this smells like a marketing ploy to us — and not exactly the yellow brick road to gender equality.

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