Pegging any one body type or shape as “ideal” does a disservice to all the uniquely shaped and gorgeous women of the world. No two people have the same body, and that’s what makes it us all so interesting.Yet, in reality, different societies and cultures tend to recognize a specific type or shape as the most desirable. But after watching this BuzzFeed video, “Ideal Body Shapes Throughout History,” you’ll realize something important: The ideal changes so often that there really is no universal ideal at all.From Ancient Egypt until modern day, the body deemed most attractive has yo-yo’d so often. Sometimes thin is in; other times, it’s all about that bass. During the Italian Renaissance, the perfect body is what we’d consider “plus size” today. And interestingly, today’s ideal is kind of the most unrealistic, suggesting we should all be healthily skinny, with a flat stomach, thigh gap, big boobs, and a big butt. But luckily for women everywhere, these ideals too, shall pass.Watch the full video below.

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