What it is: Liquid Gold Cell Quench, $129What it does: Obliterates dry flakes, smoothes away fine lines, and makes your skin juicy like a baby’s.Why it works: When Mary Schook talks, we listen. The licensed esthetician was the first to teach us about lash extensions (way back in 2005), and more recently, the benefits of shaving our faces. So we absolutely jumped at the chance to try her new skin-hydrating superserum.Loaded with plant stem cell cultures—the best quality on the market—the serum taps into the same antioxidants and protective molecules (called phenylpropanoids) that plants use to protect themselves from environmental stress and UV damage. These stem cell cultures give the skin what it needs to repair itself, meaning those fine lines you’ve started noticing might start to fade away.Instead of water, the base of the serum is hydrophilic (meaning “water loving”) glycerin, which saturates skin cells with hydration. This is important because youthful skin equals hydrated skin. You know how your 8-year-old cousin’s skin looks so plump and radiant? That’s because her skin still has natural, internal hydration—something that starts to fade as early as your 20s. Schook says that if you use the serum in the morning, you can mist your face throughout the day to reactivate it and see plumping effects, especially if you are dry and dehydrated.Free from all alcohols, parabens, pthalates, fragrances, dyes, petrol chemicals, silicones or other fillers, Cell Quench is a skin-nourishing overhaul for all skin types and ages. If the price tag makes you wince, consider this: It takes the place of your serum, cream and eye cream.Why you care: 50 percent of YouBeauty readers say their skin has less of a glow than it used to, and close to 50 percent also say that their skin feels dry. Wouldn’t it be nice to tackle both of these issues at once?