What it is: Sumbody Be Fresh Body Deodorant Pads, $17

What it does: Targets the cause of odor and shuts it down.

Why it works: Here at YouBeauty, we get asked for natural deodorant recommendations a lot. And we struggle with it, because most are horrible. Like, they make the problem worse somehow. The folks at Sumbody agreed.

So, they set out to target the real cause of odor, which isn’t sweat—it’s the bacteria that eats the sweat! In lieu of aluminum salts (the ingredient in mainstream antiperspirants that green-minded people look to avoid), Sumbody’s natural mineral salt blend acts as a barrier and prevents the bacteria from growing on your skin. Mineral salts also increase the pH level on the skin, which inhibits bacteria growth. Other antibacterial and fresh-scented ingredients include organic grape alcohol, witch hazel, sage essential oil and lavender, all of which smell very spa-like—a nice departure from powdery, floral or sporty-smelling deodorants.

We like the easy wipe delivery system, which really makes us feel like we’re getting the ingredients all up in there. Plus, they’re handy for other areas, too (underboob sweat happens, people. Let’s all just admit it).