Most women have bathrooms littered with half-used bottles of fruity shower gel collecting dust — or in this case, shower gunk. Give your loved ones a reason to clean out their tubs by gifting some luxe new bathing products. From washes to lotions, here are the gifts any bathing beauty would be happy to unwrap :

Laura Mercier Bath & Body Set in Honey Musk

Laura Mercier Bath & Body Set in Honey Musk, $55This Laura Mercier duo includes a Honey Bath and a Souffle Body Creme.  Part of her Gourmand collection, these treats smell of honey, sandalwood, amber and musk for a truly luxurious bathing experience. I don’t know about you, but this sounds good enough to eat. (Don’t eat it.)

Aromatherapy Associates Bath Jewels

Aromatherapy Associates Bath Jewels, $48Bathing to relax at night is just as important as a wake-up shower in the morning. That’s why Aromatherapy Associates included in their holiday Bath Jewels collection a Revive Morning bath and shower gel along with two calm-down products: Deep Relax and De-stress Mind. The three 7.5-oz bottles are all 100% natural oils and hail from a London-based spa of the same name.

Sugar Lychee Sugarbath Cubes

Sugar Lychee Sugarbath Cubes, $38What’s better than effervescent bath bars that fizz in the tub? Knowing that they are releasing moisturizing avocado oil for your skin, as well as a brown sugar scrub. This Sugar Lychee Sugarbath Cubes set is a sweet blend of both sugar and the scent of lychee fruit. (I’m going to have to ask you again not to eat the yummy bath products.)25 Days Of Beauty: Day Two: Lipstick Stocking Stuffers Under $15Day One: L’OcciBox Beauty Sample Box by L’Occitane