A host of men have gotten together to answer the age-old question: what if a robot did it instead?

A new “craft cocktail appliance” from Somabar promises to make craft cocktails in under five seconds. The users first download an app, then fill the “Soma Pods” with ingredients for their desired cocktail, then choose on the app which cocktail they want to make. Then with only the press of a button (if we decide not to count the preceding three steps), the Somabar will mix and pour you a cocktail.

The team behind Somabar has already raised almost $20,000 of its $50,000 Kickstarter goal for this noble enterprise. The video below provides a glimpse into the minds behind the “robotic bartender for your home.”

(Keep an eye out for 1:59, in which a cocktail lovin’ man mouths the words “I know what you like” to his smiling female guest who is presumably about to disrobe in delight after being presented with a cocktail that has been mixed in under five seconds.)

According to Eater, a similar product called Monsieur has recently raised $2 million in funding and plans to be in “at least three NBA arenas” this season. Anyway, I mostly do shots.

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