The holiday season is nearing, and the festive atmosphere has everyone in a tizzy. The celebratory occasions are being celebrated across the globe by billions, and obviously, makeup brands are coming out with brand new festive products left and right. M.A.C. Cosmetics has launched their latest collection called ‘Starring You,’ featuring 20 products across all categories and 33 gift sets for everyone on this year’s shopping list.

What is the inspiration behind this new launch? The Starring You collection elevates the twinkling stars of the season. From packaging to a lineup of amazing kits and glittering products. But M.A.C. has stepped up the game in making this collection extra special. This season, the star of the launch is YOU. The iconic lineup caters to the dazzling audience in a flurry of items for eyes, lips, and skin, encouraging the stars to create and claim their spot at center stage.

Fatima Thomas, M.A.C Senior Artist, excitedly explained the new sets at the launch.

“Upon working with the Starring You collection, the first word that came to my mind was ‘opulent,’” she said. “The finishes are reflective, varying from moderate frost to high-beam metallic, and apply smoothly. The color palette is sophisticated and urbane. After the predominantly fiery coppers and rusts of SS19, it’s refreshing to create looks with rich plums, pinots, irons, and garnets laced with sparkle.”

All new glitter-coated “Kiss Of Stars” serves up subtle glamor and full blast glitz with smooth, eye-catching shimmers in six shades. Four deep velvety shades provide intense, dramatic looks. Spellbinder shadow is bound to fly off the shelves with its magnetically charged ionized pigments that cling to your eyelids.

M.A.C. will also have 33 holiday gift sets priced into four tiers, so there’s something to look forward to this holiday!