Financial stability is something we are all trying to achieve. However, it can be tiring managing your finances and trying to figure out how you can earn more.

Even though it may seem like a lot of work, keeping track of your finances and making sure you are continually gaining more financial stability and independence doesn’t have to be time-consuming or tiring. Here are five things you can do today, which will help set you on the right path to financial confidence.

Get to Know Where You Stand

It’s important to know where you are starting from so you can improve. You can’t track your progress without knowing your current situation. Therefore the best thing you can do right now for your future financial stability is to get together all of your recent statements. Log everything from savings, checkings, student loans, credit cards, and retirement accounts. This will help you get a picture of what your money is like today.

Use a Tracking System

To have financial confidence in the future, you need to set some good habits. The best way to manage where your money goes is to track every transaction you make. This will help you determine which areas you overspend and will help you make better purchases in the future. To start, download an app that can help you log all of your transactions. Or make a section in your journal. By setting up an app today, you will be more likely to stick with it and log in everything from this day forward.

Set up a Plan to Pay off Debt

Debt has an interest rate which does more and more damage as time goes by, which is why you want to pay it off as soon as possible. If you have debt, it’s essential to make a solid plan on how you are going to pay it off and stick to it. Set a realistic amount you can save each month that can go to paying off the debts and give your best to stick to it.

Set up a Plan to Save More

If you don’t have debt, something you should strive for is to save up more money. Your savings should have at least three times what you earn per month. To achieve this, you should set realistic goals and determine how much you can put towards your savings each month.

Make a Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets are great for tracking your financial progress. Make a spreadsheet that contains your current situation and everything you plan to track. Every month log how much you’ve saved and how much debt is paid off. As the months go by, you will see the progress, and it will make you more motivated to go towards your financial stability.