It’s the holiday season! And with that comes the food, chocolate, peppermint treats, and stress! These six YouTube yoga videos will get you on the mat and help you destress in as little as 10 minutes a day.

Yoga with Maria de Noda

This time of year can be a bit hectic. This is why Maria de Noda posted this super easy and calming yoga routine to help you relax and enjoy life more. You can practice it any time you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Kristin McGee’s holiday workout

Kristin’s channel contains a broad range of workout videos, and some yoga routines to help you distress and work on your breathing and mood. Her videos are short and straightforward so that you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere you need to.

Yoga with Adrienne

If you noticed a lot of back and shoulder pain around the holiday season, whether due to stress or spending too much time in the kitchen, these yoga videos with Adrienne are amazing. She has a series of videos to target any of your pain issues while still keeping it ayurvedic and straightforward.

Tara Stiles

The 10 minutes stress be gone holiday series is desperately needed around this time of year. The cold weather can cause you to slump a bit and become lazier. Luckily, these YouTube videos help you get back on track, keeping your fitness motivation high while still helping you distress and relax. We all love that dopamine magic!

Fightmaster yoga

Fightmaster yoga surely understands that life is hard and can make us feel overwhelmed, overweight, and either depressed or stressed out. That’s why she created this yoga channel to help you get rid of any holiday stress and anxiety. Many people use her videos as a way to relieve stress and tension all year long!


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