‘Tis the season of holiday parties and well, we’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed.

Holiday parties mean having to make food, talk to people you only see this time of the year and put extra effort into your appearance. Finding the perfect holiday outfit can be tricky. You want to look cute, but not like you’re trying too hard. You want to dress festive, but avoid any combination of red and green.

And with Thanksgiving, work parties, family parties, friends parties, and New Year… well, there are a lot of holiday outfits to choose. So if you’re struggling to think of a cute and festive outfit, keep reading to find out our ideas of a perfect holiday fit:


When in doubt, always go for velvet. For some reason, velvet screams festive, especially when it’s in darker colors like a deep red and emerald green. Velvet dresses are a perfect way to dress up for a work holiday without looking like you’re trying too hard, and velvet tops are ideal for any occasion.


Sequins have always been a staple for New Years’ Eve outfits, but this holiday season, we’re saying they can be worn at any time. Think sequin dresses, sequin skirts, sequin blouses- if it has sequins on it, it’s a perfect holiday outfit. If wearing sequins is a little too daunting for you, go for more subtle colors like black or deep red. Otherwise, shiny silver or colorful pink is bold enough to make a statement at any party you attend.


Barrettes: the hottest trend of 2019, and we’re bringing that into the new year. Barrettes are a fun and unique way to dress up any outfit and come in so many colors and styles. You’re bound to find one that matches your look. If you feel like your outfit is cute, but boring, pin your hair back with a shiny silver barrette and throw on some bright lipstick and you’ll instantly look so cute, your family will be throwing compliments all night long.

Long Earrings

Sometimes you don’t need fun clothes to make an outfit cuter. You need fun jewelry. And that is where long, drop earrings come in. The best part about fun earrings is that they’re subtle enough to go with basically outfit but bold enough to make any outfit more exciting. Plus, you can play around with different colors and designs to bring any outfit to a whole new level (and you can even have fun with festive earrings!).

Mini Bags

Mini bags just aren’t going anywhere in the new year. They might get bigger. And that is why we’re saying that wearing a mini bag with your outfit to a holiday party is never a bad idea. Sure, mini bags don’t hold much, but what do you need to bring to a holiday party besides your wallet and some lip gloss, anyway? And if you feel like your outfit is too bland, throw on a brightly colored or patterned mini bag, and you’ll instantly make a statement when you walk into the room.

Puffy Sleeves

The ’80s are coming back in style with this one for sure. Puffy sleeves are ideal for a holiday party because they’re daring enough to wear to a fancier event but still low-key, so you don’t look like you’re trying to outshine anyone. Puffy sleeves look super cute as a blouse tucked into baggy jeans or as a dress with a pair of strappy heels. No matter what look you go for, puffy sleeves are going to accentuate it.

Strappy Heels

A list of holiday outfit go-to’s wouldn’t be complete with a shoe suggestion. Strappy heels are making a comeback this season and are just perfect to wear to any and every holiday party. To make the shoe even more festive, get a pair with crystals or rhinestones. It’s toned down enough for a work party but still unique enough to make it look like you put in some extra effort to look beautiful.


Blazers were a huge hit this summer when worn with biker shorts and sneakers, but blazers are also ideal for holiday parties when they’re dressed up. Blazer dresses are a big trend this winter because they’re the perfect combination of sexy and professional. But regular blazers are also super cute when worn with leather pants, baggy jeans, or matching trousers.