Sometimes the best gifts for loved ones come from the heart and not from your paycheck. Not only are homemade gifts more heartfelt and meaningful, but they’re also cheaper. Giving a significant other a DIY, heartfelt gift will probably be way more special to them than buying a new wallet they could’ve gotten themselves. But sometimes, thinking of a meaningful DIY gift can be tricky- no matter how long you and your partner have been together for. So if you need an excellent DIY holiday gift idea, check out this list:

Date Night Gift Cards

Date night gift cards are a classic DIY gift that nothing can beat. I mean, what person wouldn’t want a homemade box full of cute cards with future dates already planned? Plus, you can get as creative and unique by decorating the box/cards as you want.

DIY T-Shirt

If you know your boyfriend’s favorite band, alcohol, and TV show, put them all together on a DIY T-shirt and watch how excited he gets. Nothing says I love you more than making a T-shirt that perfectly suits your boyfriend’s interests.

Mason Jar Cocktails

Sure, you can buy your boyfriend alcohol or a whiskey decanter- but that’s not nearly as fun as making your cocktail sets out of mason jars. Mason jar cocktails are super cute and creative, and all you need is a mason jar, a chaser, and an alcohol shooter of choice.


A scrapbook is a timeless homemade gift, perfect for every gift-giving occasion. The ideal way to express your love and appreciation for someone is by putting photos of all your memories together in a scrapbook and writing little details about the photos on each page. A homemade scrapbook is a gift your partner will always appreciate.

DIY Wall Art

Maybe your boyfriend has been talking about getting a specific wall art piece, but he can’t find it anywhere. Or perhaps you just know the perfect piece to make your boyfriend’s place come together. Regardless- DIY wall art is fun and unique, and you can let your creative eye take over and create something cool.

Homemade Candles

Making your own candles is not only super easy, but it’s also a great gift because a person can never have too many candles. You can customize the scent and color of the candle and can even play around with inscribing you and your significant other’s initials on the outside to make it that much more meaningful.

DIY Cufflinks

Cufflinks are something every man needs, and sure, they can go out and buy them for themselves- but it won’t nearly be as fun as getting a personalized one made for them. You can create a cufflink that is perfectly suited for the boyfriend’s personality and helps him look that much more handsome in a suit.

DIY Picture Frame

If you have a few photos of you and your partner that you believe need to be hung up for everyone to see, there’s no better way than putting them in a homemade picture frame. You can create a frame that matches both your partner’s personality and the vibe of their place, and create a picture that they’ll be eager to hang up.