What it is: Medik8 Red Alert, $68What it does: Reduces redness and calms irritation caused by rosacea, acne and psoriasis while also reducing wrinkles and signs of aging skin.Why it works: Treating skin conditions requires a tricky balancing act. Products need to be potent, but if they’re too aggressive, they’ll do nothing except irritate and inflame the skin, further exacerbating issues instead of helping. Plus, excessive inflammation can cause long term damage to the skin cells and premature aging. (Um, no thanks.)Luckily, our friends across the pond at U.K.-based Medik8 have figured out—in their cosmocuetical research labs—how to isolate redness-reducing ingredients and make them gentle enough for highly sensitive skin, while maintaining their efficacy. The surprisingly multi-functional powerhouse in Red Alert, a patented ingredient called teprenone (derived from natural, organic substances, and very closely related to fatty acids found in goat’s milk), was created to calm irritation and reduce redness. But not only has it shown to do that, it’s also an effective anti-ager, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. If that’s not the definition of “killing two birds with one stone,” then we don’t know what is.Why you care: In a YouBeauty poll, 62 percent of our readers identified either inflammation and redness or lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet as their biggest skin concerns. A product that treats all of that at once? Sounds like a pretty surefire way to make everyone’s skin happy and healthy.MORE: Reduce Inflammation With Your Diet