YouBeauty Miracle Blur Transformations

Here at YouBeauty, we love finding new ways to make our skin look radiant and youthful. But we’re also wary of all the tons of products out there that make (sometimes ridiculous) claims to fix our complexion woes. So when we saw the great results that L’Oréal Paris’s Miracle Blur had on some beauty industry professionals, we couldn’t wait to try it out ourselves.

To get an idea of how the product would work on each unique skintone and texture, the ladies of YouBeauty used this virtual Miracle Blur tool—and loved the results. Check out our transformations, and upload your own photo here to see what a little blur can do for you, too!

1Debra Seeto, Product Manager

“I love how the Miracle Blur transformation takes away all of my shine and evens out my skin tone!”

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2Julie Giusti, Social Media Manager

“Shine control is a full-time job when you have oily skin like I do—especially when it’s humid outside. Miracle Blur has the mattifying effects of blotting papers with twice the staying power and half the work. Convenient!”

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3Rachel Grumman Bender, Health Editor

“I love how Miracle Blur evened out my complexion (I have freckles and some redness), and yet still left me looking like, well, me. The product does a great job of getting you photo-ready in a flash.”

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4Courtney Dunlop, Executive Editor

“I have freckles, which are getting less and less cute with each passing year. While I wait for my brightening serum to kick in (which could take months) I’m satisfied with airbrushing them with Miracle Blur. It’s a subtle difference, but I love the idea of evening out my skintone without having to resort to a face full of foundation.”

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5Emily Pugh, Director of Product

“I like how Miracle Blur helps control my forehead shine and hides my pesky forehead wrinkles with a smooth matte finish, making me feel more confident and put-together.”

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6Melissa Holleran, Marketing Manager

“I like the results of the miracle blur because it takes away the shine on my face and softens my skin.”

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7Ashley Papuga, Account Executive

“It instantly smoothed out the lines on my forehead.”

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8Genevieve Stack, World’s Best Intern

“I like using the blur because it makes me look like I got more than 4 hours of sleep last night!”

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9Valerie Fischel, Photo Editor

“Miracle Blur minimized my shadowy, red dark circles and overall it smoothed out my skin, which is on the splotchier, “I-squeezed-too-many-clogged-pores” side today. It also blurred some of my eye wrinkles.”

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