You just applied your foundation and lipstick. With perfectly lined eyes and flawless eyebrows, you step out of your apartment, and your face melts into a Dali painting. Welcome to summer makeup problems.

Sure, we love the beachy weather, the cutoff shorts and rooftop drinks that summer brings. What’s not to love? The sweat and lipstick that winds up around your lips rather than on them. We can either sacrifice a few products or learn some tricks of the trade to make sure your makeup stays put. Luckily, makeup products and those tricks have come a long way, and we’re here to spill the tea.

Tips Melt-Proof Your Summer Makeup

1Substitute your products

Eliminating products like a heavy foundation is the first step to successfully ensuring your face doesn’t melt off. Start with a self-tanner to even out your complexion overall and give you a glow. Then, instead of a foundation, apply a tinted moisturizer. Your aim is to even your complexion out with minimal coverage instead of painting on a mask.

2Use a gel or liquid liner

The formula stays put longer than using a traditionally waxy pencil liner.

3Waterproof your lashes

Don’t apply a waterproof formula directly unto your lashes, which can dry them out. Instead, use a regular coat of mascara and then seal it in with two coats of waterproof formula. The waterproof formula will stick to the regular mascara instead of your lashes.

4Set makeup in layers

You know those makeup setting sprays like from MAC and UD? Well, instead of spritzing your entire face after applying all your makeup, set your makeup in layers. So, if you apply foundation, spritz the setting spray. Then apply concealer and spritz again. Eyeshadow, then a spritz. This sets each layer and ensures your makeup stays put throughout the day.

5Get minis

Sometimes, no amount of prep prevents the dreaded melt, and this is where makeup minis come in. Carry versions of your favorite products in a little pouch for a quick touch-up on the go.