ahava-imageIn an effort to save as much time as possible in my time-crunched mornings, I’m always on a quest for multitasking products that are effective and easy to use. Extra points if it has an amazing scent. But sometimes, in trying to be all things to all people, certain combination skincare and beauty products end up falling short one way or another — I’m talking to you, 2-in-1 shampoo-conditioner.

So I was genuinely surprised when Ahava’s new Beauty Before Age Uplift Day Cream SPF 20 managed to hold its own both in terms of hydration and broad-spectrum sun protection. Plus, it has anti-aging ingredients, including skin-firming peptides and Dead Sea mud, which is enriched with more than 26 minerals.

The premise of Ahava’s Beauty Before Age line is that a little stress is actually good for your skin. It’s this controlled “positive stress” that’s said to actually decreases aging by triggering your skin’s own internal repair mechanisms. It’s the same idea behind how working out creates micro-tears in your muscle fibers, which, in turn, are exactly what lead to stronger muscles.

Although the cream is meant to target women in their 50s, in my opinion you can’t start age-proofing your skin too early, amiright?

Product: Ahava Beauty Before Age Uplift Day Cream SPF 20

Price: $79

We Think:

love-itsmell-itHow It Feels: The texture of the cream is thick enough to hydrate well, but still lightweight enough that it absorbs quickly.

How to Use It: Apply on a clean face and neck 15 minutes before going outdoors during the day.

Results: Most moisturizer-sunscreens can leave your skin feeling a bit parched, but not this cream. It left my skin feeling hydrated, as well as firmer and smoother. The anti-aging cream absorbed quickly and didn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. As with nearly all sunscreens, it does leaves your face a bit shiny, but nothing a little powder can’t fix. Bonus: The scent is divine.

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