My usual mani/pedi has a tendency to feel horribly dull after awhile, so I’m always searching for new, eclectic nail art to test out.  From glitter and pearls to diamonds and ribbons, there’s very little that nail art doesn’t encompass. It’s a new high fashion status symbol that has reshaped the polish industry. Some celebrities these days spend almost as much on their nails as they do on their designer clothes.Need a few ideas? Check out these Instagram accounts of professional nail artists who turn the manicure experience into original pieces of art!1. Instagram/BadGirlNails


Diamonds on my nails? Yes, please! 2.


Who doesn’t love to glow in the dark? Forget your glowsticks — these nails are perfect for raves. 3.


Have you ever had a kaleidoscope on your nails? I have and it’s amazing. 4.


If you can’t pick just one color, go for the whole rainbow. 5. Instagram/MissPop


Miss Pop pop does all kinds of adorable critters. Did you see the ghosts she did on our editor Jessica’s nails this past Halloween?And then there are nail artists like myself that can barely draw stick figures and our hands end up looking like this.


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