Little known holiday fact: Santa proposed to Mrs. Claus (née Moscowitz) in front of all the elves at a Christmas Eve dinner. Since then, engagements on Christmas have become a tradition among boring people. I, for one, got a vacuum cleaner for Christmas, and we immediately got engaged. We aren’t the only happy couple this season!!Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello Are Definitely EngagedThe director of “La Bare” (note: stop everything and watch this film) and “Modern Family” star got engaged in a suite at the St. Regis on Kauai during a “five-star getaway for the rich and famous,” People yelled from the rooftops like a drunken Real Housewife at the lakehouse. The two met in May at the White House, at an event Vergara attended with her ex-fiancé. May this union result in an arc on “Scandal” for someone.Charlize Theron & Sean Penn Are Allegedly EngagedThe actor MAY have proposed during a SUPPOSED trip to Paris. Look at how Sean’s arm is around Charlize in this picture in the Daily Mail. Doesn’t that look marital? WHO NEEDS a ring to confirm??!!Cody & Crying Girl Are Very EngagedThis poor girl is engaged to a man who not only puts her crying on YouTube, but doesn’t know to film video horizontally. A soft “Congratulations” to you both.Catelynn & Tyler From “Teen Mom” Are Engaged This One is Good!!!!Remember the couple from “Teen Mom” season one that seemed actually in love and gave up their baby for adoption? They’re back, they’re still in love, and they’re engaged!!!! And they’re pregnant again so that’s the other news. They also have a forthcoming book called Conquering Chaos.Lady Gaga & Taylor Kinney Are… Still TogetherThese two just can’t STOP committing! They held a “commitment ceremony” earlier this year to prove how dedicated they are to one another. That totally wasn’t a wedding, because who has the time to plan a wedding? A commitment ceremony is much more fast and loose! Gaga tweeted that Christmas was “the best day of her life.” What could that mean but an engagement ring? Literally nothing!!!Merry Christmas to those of you planning weddings ONLY.