The only thing that smells worse than nail polish is nail polish remover. Regardless of the ingredients (acetone, non-acetone, whatever)m removers contain chemicals that smell pretty intense. Maybe sometime this century, beauty chemists will have engineered a way for nail polish removers to not smell so rank. But until that day, these three nail polish removers that actually don’t smell terrible are probably your best best:

1. e.l.f. Essential Nail Polish Remover Pads, $1 
Who would have thought that budget beauty brand e.l.f. would have great-smelling nail polish remover?! Yup, these $2 pads work well and their light citrus scent is the best I’ve ever smelled from a reomver. I was bummed that the case only came with 24 wipes, because I blew through them quickly. (I paint my nails — and remove the polish — several times a week.) I’d love it if they came out with bigger containers of 100 or even 200 pads. These are definitely a good investment and small enought to shove in your purse if you just can’t stand to have chipped nails during the day.

2. The Body Shop Sweet Almond Oil Nail Polish Remover, $10 
The Body Shop‘s new, acetone-free nail polish remover does have a strong scent. But it’s not that ghastly scent of “nail polish remover,” per se — it smells strongly like the sweet almond oil, soyal oil and sugarcane that are its main ingredients. If such a smell is not your jam, then this isn’t the polish remover for you. (I have it flush my used cotton balls down the toilet immediately so the scent doesn’t linger in my bathroom — yes, it’s that strong.) It works beautifully to take off polish, though, and doesn’t dry out my poor nails like regular drugstore polish remover. My cuticles smell feel soft and pampered afterwards.

3. Ciaté Mint Chocolate Nal Polish Remover, $8
How pissed am I that no one told me before about a nail polish remover that smells like mint chocolate? Very. Do I think that’s because Ciaté Mint Chocolate Nail Polish Remover costs a cool $8 per bottle? Yes. Do I care? No. This is next on my polish-remover-to-try list for sure because I want to try mint chocolate-scented anything. Ciaté has other yummy polish remover scents — Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Orange Chocolate — if another smell would strike your fancy.Have you used a nail polish remover that actually didn’t reek? Let us know in the comments!

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