Shakira is expecting her second child with Gerard Piqué, her soccer player beau. But is she busy shining his two World Cups and upgrading the nursery? No. She’s hosting a World Baby Shower in her position as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.Shakira and Gerard are encouraging their fans to purchase gifts for vulnerable children in lieu of the traditional diapers-and-onesies shower. Gifts include $12 for a measles vaccine,  $19.50 for story books, $34.19 for a first aid kid, up to $1,955.39 for a midwifery kit.

According to, the couple’s first shower for their son Milan raised enough money to provide polio vaccines to 80,000 children, four tons of food for malnourished children, and about 1,000 anti-malaria bed nets. Shakira and Gerard hope to top the donation amount this time around as well as encourage some of Shakira’s close to 107 million Facebook followers to have a World Shower themselves.So if you were thinking about sending the next bundle of joy a gold-encrusted rattle, don’t. Gift some much-needed vaccines for children in the developing world instead.