When’s the last time you got tested for STDs? For men between the ages of 25 to 39, the answer is probably “I can’t remember.” And that’s super-scary for those of us having sex with that demographic (hello!).According to new data released by eHealth from their health insurance Coverage Satisfaction Index (CSI) poll, men between 25 to 39 are the most likely to skip STD tests in order to save money. In fact, one in eight are skipping these hella important screenings. Yikes.Surprisingly, only 3% of guys between 18-24 have ever skipped an STD screening (or at least fessed up to it). Perhaps still squatting on Mom and Dad’s insurance factors in here? Or maybe universities these days have super easy access to screenings? Whatever the reason, we applaud you, regularly-screened college bros.The data also revealed that fears related to healthcare — an expensive medical emergency and simply having to pay for healthcare — are two of the biggest financial fears Americans have. We get it — healthcare costs can be a drag, especially when you have to dip into your beer money. But you should never, ever sacrifice keeping tabs on your sexual health for anything. This is especially important for young men, because men can be carriers for STDs like herpes without showing any symptoms.The good news is that if you do have health insurance, STD screening should be completely covered: It’s considered preventive care thanks to the Affordable Care Act. (Thanks, Obama!) So really, you have no excuse to skimp on regular screenings now, boys.Related Articles:Five Reasons Why Your Crotch ItchesAsk a Scientist: I Have Vaginal Discharge Every Day. How Do I Know What’s Normal?