It’s National Tequila Day, the one day other than Cinco De Mayo when you don’t have an excuse to skip the round of shots. But if your interests extend beyond using the plant world for its natural powers of intoxication, good news! Leah Crump, aesthetician and spa director at Ocean Pearl Spa, has crafted a DIY tequila rose body scrub that will tighten and detoxify your pores.

Delicate body scrubs may not be why National Tequila Day was created, but they sure sound like our kind of celebrating. Enjoy Crump’s recipe, below:

Tequila Rose Scrub DIY Treatment:
¼ c raw sugar
¼ c sea salt
1 oz sweet almond oil
½ oz coconut oil
1 oz Tequila Rose Crème Liquor
½ oz top shelf white tequila
5 drops rose absolute essential oil

Mix and store in a tight jar in your fridge… right next to the tequila and lime.

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