We’ve all noticed at this point that ads in fashion magazines look a bit…alien. Models display facial expressions that convey some odd mix of anger, annoyance and indigestion as they splay themselves into odd poses that the human body was surely never made to casually strike. What’s more disturbing is that the women in these ads are often clearly intended to look weak, violated or victimized. It’s odd and unnatural, but it’s been the status quo for so long that the grownups of the world rarely call it out, to which I say, thank God we’ve got kids for that.

Lest we forget, kids tell it like it is — no self-consciousness or beating around the bush necessary. Luckily for us, the blog MessyNessy Chic shared the brilliant video “Niños vs. Moda,” by artist Yolanda Dominguez, who asked 8-year-old children to share their reactions to high-profile fashion ads. The kids certainly didn’t hold back, and their responses are extremely telling. Perhaps it’s time for the fashion industry to receive a modern-day upgrade.