Chrisspy has long been known on YouTube for her makeup tutorials, but lately, she’s also making waves for something else — her inspiring body transformation. Over a million subscribers have watched (how’s that for accountability?) as she’s lost 40 pounds with the help of her friend, trainer Marissa Rocco, and she doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. This week, she shared a few of her fitness secrets and observations about her journey to health with Glamour, and what she has to say is fascinating. What especially stuck out was her biggest tip for anyone on a fitness journey:

“Don’t give up! When I first started running, I hated it! I couldn’t even run for two minutes. My lungs were on fire and my head felt like it was going to explode! But I just kept going and little by little I improved. Now I actually enjoy running. But if I had given up that first day, I would have never found a new healthy outlet.”

Some things are cliches for a reason! In addition to fitness, this advice can apply to any and all areas of life. Think about all the things that are practically second nature to you today that would have felt impossible – or at the very least took you twice as long to get through – a few years ago. Even if we don’t have iron willpower, all of us are slowly improving at things over time, and looking back on when we first started is the best motivation of all when starting something else new. In my own experience both with running and with many other aspects of my personal and professional life, sticking to something I initially thought I hated has proven to be some of the best moves I ever made. I’ll bet you can point to times in your own life when the same has been true for you! As far as how to avoid giving up, Chrisspy suggests breaking goals down into smaller steps for more positive mental framing.

“…What helps is to set short-term goals. I commit to my diet for two weeks at a time because a month sounds too daunting.”

Head over to Glamour for a fitness tutorial starring Chrisspy, and if you’re new to her talents, watch this trailer for a peek at her magical makeup prowess.

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