A cute jingle and an attractive celebrity spokesperson can go a long way in a commercial, but when it comes to this ad for a face-toning tool called PAO, we’re not quite convinced.

Handsome professional soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo apparently wasn’t satisfied that he was getting a workout from the neck down only, because he’s (paid to be) psyched to put this floppy facial toning tool in his mouth. (Actually, his usage is only implied—he’s the only person in the video who doesn’t bounce around with it in his mouth.)

First, watch the video. It’s definitely one of the weirder things you’ll see today!

In addition to making you look ridiculous while you’re doing it, “Exercising your facial muscles brings out your best and most youthful smile,” according to PAO’s Hong Kong-based manufacturer, MTG, who claims the PAO reverses facial sagging. But does it really?

The reason skin sags with age is due primarily to a slow-down in collagen production, not a lack of muscle tone. The solutions suggested by dermatologists range from peptide-based skincare to laser treatments, but facial muscle toning doesn’t make that list of recommendations.

cristaino ronaldo pao
Interestingly, MTG’s slogan is “We have many dreams.” Facial muscle toning as an effective beauty treatment is one that probably won’t come true.One thing that is proven to firm your face? Retinol. Read everything you need to know about the single best ingredient to fight aging skin, here.