Kim Kardashian has some of the most celebrated curves in the celebrity realm, but the reality star has apparently got it in her head that she needs an even more dramatic bust-waist-hip ratio.

Yesterday, North West’s mom shared her latest method of manipulating her post-baby body into a Jessica Rabbit-esque hourglass shape with her Instagram followers: a waist-training corset.

The last hashtag, “” is actually a typo—it’s meant to refer to, an online shop run by self-proclaimed “up and coming rapper and Miami socialite” Premadonna, where those hoping to shrink their waists can purchase “very aggressive” corsets and “waist-slimming cream.”

So, is what Kim doing even safe? Well, although the idea of modern corsets breaking ribs and shifting around organs is reportedly a myth, some doctors still warn against the possibility of damage to skin, kidneys, spleen and liver.

Keep in mind, those who are committed to waist-training like Kim Kardashian don’t just wear these compressive corsets under body-conscious clothing. It’s a full-time commitment, and not a particularly fun one. Often credited for starting this growing fad, Jessica Alba told Net-a-Porter that, after giving birth, she wore a double corset 24 hours a day for three whole months, and that it was brutal but worth it.

Last year, YB reported on the woman who wears—and sleeps in—a corset every day and finds it incredibly empowering.

Do you think you could put yourself through waist-training? If so, check out our gallery of corsets you can buy right now.