Bad at braiding? You’re not alone. With so many intense braid variations out there, failing to nail that DIY braid tutorial can be beyond frustrating. But you really don’t have to be a professional hairstylist to master more than the basic three-strand pattern.

Luckily for those of us seemingly impaired at creating these twisted beauties, our friends over at The Bread Kitchen created a quick demo for crafting complicated (and not-so complicated) braids. Starting with three strands, The Bread Kitchen teaches a standard braiding technique. As the video progresses, the same technique is used to create more complex braids, using multiple strands. The video features 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 and even a 12-strand braid.

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The 10-minute tutorial uses thick bread dough to demonstrate the principles behind braiding cleanly. For example, when creating a simple three-strand plait, they use the classic right strand over the middle, left strand over the middle, technique. For a more complicated braid such as a 9-strand weave, the technique is described as first bringing the outside strand over two adjacent strands, and then bringing it under the next two strands. This is done on both sides in order to complete the look.

These extra starchy braiding methods don’t only apply to hair — you can weave yarn, leather or just about anything else with this easy tutorial! As an added bonus, the host of the video has the most calming voice you will ever hear. It makes me want to sip a glass of wine while listening to Mozart and braiding hair all night long…

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