If you thought Kate Middleton kept the pasty whiteness that comes with being shut up in old English castles at bay just from regular vacations to Mustique, you were only half-right. US Weekly reports the duchess is a fan of St. Tropez spray tans and allegedly gets weekly appointments to maintain her “I’m richer than you” glow.

That is, when she’s not pregnant: Kate has reportedly avoided St. Tropez spray tans, US Weekly says, because doctors are unsure whether the chemicals in fake tanner are dangerous for growing fetuses. “Kate is very cautious of products and treatments,” a source told the  magazine. “Baby’s health comes first.” This is a rumor we actually believe, given how Kate has been spotted with gray hairs both times she has been pregnant, signifying she’s given up hair dye as well.

In the absence of her spray tans, US Weekly says the duchess is turning to Bobbi Brown instead — that is, her Shimmer Brick in Bronze ($44), a bronzer for the face. Frankly, we’re still having a hard time grasping at the idea that the future Queen of England indulges in a similar beauty routine as the “Jersey Shore” crew. Obviously she goes for a much more subtle look. Do you think Kate has her own version of “GTL”/”gym, tan, laundry”? Maybe it’s like “juice, tan, hide from paparazzi”?

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