As a native New Englander, I pride myself on my ability to handle snowstorms. But even I have had my limits tested this winter, when Mother Nature dumped snowfall after snowfall on the East Coast. I’m about to set my snowboots and puffer coat on fire, I’m so sick of wearing them. Maybe that’s why I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea that quite a few people so enjoy practicing yoga in the snow — snowga — that it is being taught at ski resorts and other classes.

Allow me to elborate: the New York Times explains how places around the country, from Washington State to Vermont, are offering “snowga” lessons or variations of ski/snowshoe/yoga lessons. The appeal, apparently, is the change of scenery from practicing yoga in the great outdoors. Yoga vacations in tropical locales are wildly popular, so why not in the crisp, clear air on the side of a beautiful mountain?

Yogis also told the Times that resistence caused by the snow intensifies yoga poses, so “snowga” provides a more difficult workout. The wind also makes the “snowga” practice tougher.

But still. Bitter wind? Chapped lips? Falling out of a pose to faceplant 18-inches of frozen snow? Nope, not for me. I’ll be indoors in the hot yoga room, thank you. “Snowga” sounds crazier than crazy … even if it does look quite pretty: