There are some lucky people out there who can sneak out of the office during lunch to hit the gym. I, on the other hand, have yet to find a way to go out in public post-workout without thoroughly shampooing my hair. Sweaty locks are a very not-cute post-gym look.

Fueled by my envy of the workout-and-go crowd, I talked with Theresa Adams, Master Stylist at Dop Dop Salon in Soho, to get a professional’s opinion on how to fix post-workout hair woes (i.e. ponytail creases, sweaty scalp, cowlicks and frizz). It turns out, there are a few ways to fake fresh locks when you don’t have time to shower immediately after a sweat sesh.

1. Style Pre-Workout
To make your life a little easier post-workout, strategically style your hair beforehand. “Use bobby pins or cloth hair ties to pull hair up into a bun or ponytail instead of tight elastic ties which will cause a crease in the hair,” Adams suggested. Wearing a headband can also help keep hair off your face and hopefully out of the main line of perspiration. Make sure it’s cloth though, to avoid creating that dreaded dent.

2. Boost Limp Strands
Dry shampoo is a lifesaver — just make sure you’re applying it right. Spraying it too closely to your head will make it to it go on a little too heavy, achieving the opposite of what you need. “Spray 10 to 12 inches from the head in sections,” Adams instructed. “Leave in for a couple minutes, then massage into your scalp with fingers or a paddle brush to absorb excess oils and inject volume while refreshing hair.” You should see a slight change in color and that dusty effect. “This shows the dry shampoo is doing its job and absorbing excess oil, Adams explained.” Our favorite is Klorane Dry Shampoo With Oat Milk ($20). If your hair is particularly flat, blow dry hair on medium heat after spraying, to give it an extra boost.

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3. Tame Frizz With Oil
For some (many), frizz is the toughest thing to contain after hair gets slightly wet. Using a product that has natural oils and adds nutrients to the hair will banish frizz better than silicones, which can weigh hair down too much and make that post-gym look even more blah. “You need to add moisture, which will then create shine,” Adams said. She recommends applying a small amount of L’Oréal Professionnel Seve Protectrice ($36), which contains black cumin oil, to tame frizz. We also love Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment with African Macadamia Oil ($13).

4. Use Stealthy Styling
After drying and taming, style your hair into something that’ll help conceal the messiness. “Braids are a great option and can be done quickly,” Adams said. She suggests doing a Dutch braid right at the crown on one side, and then pulling the rest back into a ponytail or low bun. A ballerina bun or topknot is also a good option to cover your crown if it’s not cooperating — especially if you had your hair pulled back during your workout. Spray some dry texturizing spray throughout, like Blow Pro Textstyle Dry Texture Spray ($20), and twist up into a bun on the top of your head. Need a little extra structure? Try celeb hairstylist Sarah Potempa’s Wrap Up, or a Hairstyling Ring from H&M to nail the perfect bun. “You can also create small flat twists and bobby pin back.”

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