The start of One Love Organics is simple, really. Founder Suzanne L’Roux had two boys under the age of two, and she no longer had time for a fussy beauty routine. To earn a spot on her bathroom counter, a product had to not only be natural and effective, but serve more than one function and person in her family.Though she was a lawyer by trade, Suzanne was fascinated by alternative healing. She studied holistic nutrition, herbs and aromatherapy on the side, and after leaving her day job, she’d concoct simple products with no preservatives at home. She finally decided to turn this passion into a career in 2010, and One Love Organics was born. Suzanne and her husband, who joined the company full time at the beginning of last year, continue to craft each 100 percent natural product by hand in their hometown of St. Simons Island, Georgia. It’s this hands-on approach, and the thought and love they put into each product, that sets One Love Organics apart in our industry.Hometown? St. Simons Island, GA. It is a barrier island in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Georgia. It is so beautiful, come see us!What time do you like to be at your desk? I prefer the lab to my desk, and I go in as soon as I take my children to school at 8 a.m.What’s your morning routine? My mind is at its best in the morning so I use that time to work on new products or tackle large projects.Do you have a beauty routine or go-to product? Yes! I depend on Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm for everything. I use my face to test new formulas, and Skin Savior always calms it down and removes any blemishes or redness in less than 2 days. I never fear trying a new formula.How would you describe a typical work day? At One Love Organics, we craft each product by hand in our facility, so each day revolves around making product, shipping product and following up with customers and retailers. I’m always working on formulas, as well. My passion is to make product and that’s why I started the business.Proudest professional achievement? When my husband left his law firm to come join us at One Love Organics. Working together as a team is really fun.Power lunch or lunch at desk? Desk.What was your previous job? How do these skills benefit your current work? My husband and I practiced law together. I use the research and analysis skills I gained during my career as a lawyer to determine what is actually beneficial to the skin and what is not. Like most lawyers, I don’t just accept the conventional way, but instead look for what is truly the best way—often the road less traveled. I am not afraid to explore both sides of the coin, and take an objective approach to a solution—whether it pertains to making a final decision to include a certain ingredient or to help finalize our latest formula. Only what is necessary for formulation and what is best for the skin gets included in our products.Why did you create the brand? I created One Love Organics to offer a simpler approach to beauty. After the birth of my two sons, who are 20 months apart, I felt an overwhelming need to simplify everything, including my beauty routine. I wanted to get back to the essentials. For me, the essentials needed to be effective, pure, safe for my whole family, of the highest quality and serve multiple purposes to earn a spot on my bathroom counter. For example, I dreamed of a cleanser that was great for my face that I could also use in the tub with my babies. I imagined a moisturizer that worked not only for me, but also my husband and my boys. We focus on a few supreme products, not up-selling a medicine cabinet full of mysterious jars. Women have really responded to that and appreciate our honesty. You really don’t need a bunch of “stuff” to look great and have a truly effective routine.How did you fund it? I liquidated my IRA and savings to get started, and then my husband worked in a law firm for the past three years to help fund the venture. He joined us full time at One Love Organics in March of 2013.What’s your favorite part about your job?  I love making product and connecting with people.What’s a professional obstacle you faced, and you how did you resolve it? Creating a new brand from scratch is an incredible challenge. When we started this business, I had no idea how websites were built or anything about social media. I have resolved each challenge by just taking it step by step and working diligently to learn and/or create a solution.First product you created? Our bestselling Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm.Inspiration behind your skincare? We are absolutely passionate about making our own products. That is the basis of our business and it is what makes us unique. We have put a lot of time, effort and resources into building a great facility where we craft each piece on St. Simons Island, Georgia. We love it. Our passion and mad skincare crafting skills set us apart in our industry.Favorite product ingredient? Hands down, chia! Our signature ingredient, Supercritical Chia, is a fast absorbing, pure and fragrance free Omega-3 oil. It is derived from the ancient super-food chia, which is the richest botanical source of Omega 3 fatty acids found in nature. I study ingredients each week, and this one continues to impress me the most—and it works!3 key words for entrepreneurial success? Faith, Diligence, Humor.Describe your ideal weekend? Hanging out at the house with my husband, two boys and our dog, Maggie. I give my all during the week, and for years I have worked so many hours. It is a great joy just to relax and have “nothing” to do.Do you have a business mentor? Yes! My husband and I do have someone local that is wise, experienced and who believes in our abilities. It is truly a gift to have someone to talk over matters.Learn more about Suzanne L’Roux and her beauty line in the One Love Organics brand video. Shop for One Love Organics at BeautySage, our shopping site where everything we sell is vetted by cosmetic chemists and proven to work.Inside the Brand: One Love Organics from BeautySage on Vimeo.