One of the best parts of being home for Thanksgiving is taking time off work to spend with your family. But if you only see your family a few times a year, you obviously want to show up feeling put-together and looking like you aren’t surviving off $1 pizza and the free Chop’t your office gets catered on Fridays.

To help you prepare for the big family event, Akilah Hughes, aka AkilahObviously, aka Smoothiefreak, shared a simple makeup tutorial on Hello Giggles that hits all the important bases — looking awake and totally sober, brightening your face, opening your eyes. She even shows you how to contour ever so slightly, so that you look like you’ve been taking care of yourself and your grandma hopefully won’t comment (again) on how well-fed you’ve been looking ever since you moved out.

Top it off with a festive berry lip and some smudgey eyeshadow, and bam: You’re holiday-ready and completely family-gathering appropriate. Because the last thing you want is to be in full-on club makeup when you’re passed out in a food coma on the sofa next to Aunt Miriam.