As any celebrity makeup artist will tell you, stars are in fact just like us. They have acne, stretch marks, and now La La Anthony is sharing the pain that psoriasis has caused her.

The VJ-turned-actress has partnered with the National Psoriasis Foundation to encourage others to talk about the skin condition, which causes thick, scaly patches on the skin. As part of their Picture Positivity campaign, psoriasis suffers will post pictures of themselves living with the condition.

We spoke with Anthony for some of her best tips on making it through the day with psoriasis:

  1. Since makeup can cause flare-ups, find what works best for you before you beautify yourself.
  2. Same goes for skincare! La La’s own line, Motives Cosmetics, includes a non-oily moisturizer and gentle exfoliator for sensitive skin.
  3. During a flare-up on your scalp, like where La La’s tend to occur, use hairstyling or a scarf to cover any redness.
  4. Talk to your dermatologist about the right treatment and skincare for you—the one that works for you might not be what works for somebody else.
  5. As La La is careful to point out, you can still achieve your dreams even if you have psoriasis.

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